Information Technology Department
A Message from the Network Administrator:
Is technology a cure all for every learning problem? Does a computer/tablet make allWifi Symbol With Earth .png students learn at their full potential? The answer to both of these depend upon how technology is used to enhance the educational program. Technology in the classroom that is devoid of purpose will ultimately fail. The best possible use of any technology is by trained educators who have planned thoughtfully and who are committed to follow through with these plans. Lassen Union High School District has both teachers and staff who are committed to this kind of quality.

All too often devices are purchased, put in place as quickly as possible, and then found to not work or not used. This model leads to frustration and refusal to further use technology. The better model is to first investigate tech resources that can be used for each subject area, develop ways to enhance instruction using these tech resources, train staff and administrators to use them, and then select devices, making sure the infrastructure can support those devices.

If you have general questions or concerns about the technology used in the district, please email us at

We look forward to working with all user groups to improve our use of existing or new technologies within the District.


The Tech Team

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